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Duggan International has counseled clients from clothing and textiles, furniture, jewellery, bath products, art kits, greeting cards, toys, crafts, drum sticks, carpets, golf clubs, glass art, pottery to gas regulators, industrial chemicals, quartz stone,  Christmas trees, hardwood flooring companies, building products and herbal remedy companies on their export strategies and domestic market sales. 

The company specializes in taking a concept or prototype and taking this product to market.  This also includes helping with packaging, design and researching regulations, customs and shipping rules.





Let's make the introductions.  We can help during trade missions and trade shows and business-to-business sales presentations.   We help craft your message so your customer understands why they should buy your product.


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Duggan International Group was created 2004, shortly after company founder, Darlene Duggan, worked as a trade commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Industry Canada. The company has a network of satellite offices around the world - USA, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, the Caribbean, Scotland, UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Sweden.  All team members offer senior level services with over 20 years experience in management, business marketing and communications. 


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