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Darlene Duggan started out her career in international trade mentoring with the clean tech and professional services sector.  The sector encompasses a broad range of sectors and sub sectors. Darlene Duggan works with engineers in clean water technology, wastewater, environmental industries, geoscience, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and other professional services.  Darlene recently worked with Dutch clean tech company meet with Canadian partners on a trade mission to Toronto, Canada. We are also involved with developing New Brunswick's Clean Tech Asset Map.


We work with a broad spectrum of service providers and manufacturers to help them communicate to potential clients.  Exporting and selling services is much different than exporting products, in some cases its less complicated and in others more difficult.  We help our clients navigate this process.

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Duggan International Group was created 2004, shortly after company founder, Darlene Duggan, worked as a trade commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Industry Canada. The company has a network of satellite offices around the world - USA, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, the Caribbean, Scotland, UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Sweden.  All team members offer senior level services with over 20 years experience in management, business marketing and communications. 


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