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Technology encompasses many sectors.  Darlene Duggan works one-on-one with companies producing and exporting various types of technologies.  Clients include software and interactive game developers for console and mobile.  Companies have included CrowdWorld Inc/TapChat, B4Checkin Inc, ADM Systems Engineering, and TruckWeight Inc/Smart Scales Technology. 

Duggan International Group provides five services in the digital sector:

Business Development, Review, Tactics and Strategy - by assisting in the development, benchmarking and in-process evaluation of long-range company plans, based upon developer and management goals, to achieve defined objectives.

Publisher Development and Relations - bridging that gap between developer and publisher, and assist you with key relationship milestones such as green light and milestone reviews, milestone acceptance, and project modifications and change orders.

Contracts Development, Review, Support - providing assistance with the intricacies of contracts for outsourcing, 3rd party code, and licensing.

Design Evaluation, Analysis and Consultation - by reviewing design ideas for market feasibility, acceptance and localization potential based on current sales and consumer trends.

Developing a marketing and business plan for financial institutions and investors.




We also work with our US partner company Co-Spark.  Co-Spark delivers traing globally in pre-acceleration engagement and strategic acceleration engagement.  Contact us for more information.


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Duggan International Group was created 2004, shortly after company founder, Darlene Duggan, worked as a trade commissioner for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade/Industry Canada. The company has a network of satellite offices around the world - USA, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, the Caribbean, Scotland, UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Sweden.  All team members offer senior level services with over 20 years experience in management, business marketing and communications. 


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