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The Duggan International Group (Duggan International) is one of Canada’s foremost companies in business management consulting, training, international trade, inclusive economic development, research projects and strategic planning.  The company was formed in 2004 with a passion to help companies grow and succeed. We work with businesses, government, and trade associations that require outside resources for developing their operations locally and internationally. We find solutions for economic development and provide real-world advice to deliver successful project outcomes.

When working with our clients, we offer  a unique combination of specialist industry knowledge and expertise. For each valued client as required, we assemble an exceptional and highly qualified team of experts tailored specifically to the client requirements, with a proven track record of assisting companies and agencies in pursuing and achieving its goals, with the right knowledge across multiple sectors.

We are business development problem solvers and global change agents. Let us make the introduction, prepare the plan, research your market and deliver success. We take pride in understanding our clients’ needs, providing leading-edge skills and an external perspective to achieve your goals.

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Advanced Manufacturing
Agrifood & Seafood
Consumer, Industrial Building Products
Energy & Ocean Technology
Interactive Gaming, Digital Media, ICT
Licensing, Branding and Promotional Products
Professional Services
Research, Development Strategies and Studies
Tourism, Culture & Entertainment



Virtual Trade Missions.Online

We coordinate cost-effective preliminary virtual trade and investment attraction C-Level meetings. By working directly with major corporations, SMEs, economic development organizations and international promotion agencies, we assist in pre-qualifying meetings with potential buyers, strategic partners as well as sourcing new suppliers in the global value chain.

We help in attracting foreign direct investors to locate, expand and/or establish new operations into other jurisdictions.

Markets we serve are Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, South Korea and China.

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Small Scale Manufacturing Report

Small scale manufacturers are the backbone of most economies. For 2019 we are preparing a report of this sector in Atlantic Canada.

Cleantech Asset Map

With our partner the Haisley Millar Group, we created a cleantech asset map for the Province of New Brunswick.

Energy Export Market Analysis

Produced a global energy market analysis focusing primarily on the energy sectors of World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) member countries. Learn More

Other Projects

Succession Planning Consulting for small businesses 2021 – 2022

NGen, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada Supercluster Project Monitor

Export to Europe and Sales Pitch Mentor USA, Atlantic Food and Beverage

Facilitator and Workshop Coordinator, Craft Hub Activator Program 2021

New – Offering Project Management 3.5 Day Virtual Training for Indigenous People of Canada

Developed study on Best Practices in Digital E-Commerce Platforms for Canadian Makers (Craft and Small Scale Manufacturers)

Indigenous Economic Leakage Study for the Province of New Brunswick 2021

Developed study on Best Practices in Indigenous Procurement Policies 2020

Joined OWIT, Organization of Women in International Trade

Joined Screen Nova Scotia

Joined Food and Beverage Atlantic

Delivered presentation on competitor analysis and recommendations to attract international students to Canada to Global Affairs Canada.

New Client Alert: Beezy Wraps and Island Honey Wine Company.