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Duggan International Group is a full-service marketing, research, international trade and business development agency. The company believes that expanding your business in the global economy is as important as maintaining your local client base. We offer a range of expertise to companies from start-ups to established corporations, all levels of government, chambers of commerce and industry associations to achieve business success.

Industry-Wide Specializations

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What’s New

Incoming Missions to Canada

With our office in Toronto, we organized a highly successful incoming business trade mission, presentation and reception from the Republic of Cyprus. We look forward to organizing incoming missions to Canada to take advantage of CETA and other trade agreements.

Other Projects

  • New – Cannabis and Industrial Hemp business consulting services
  • Durham College – Cannabis Industry Specialization (Recognition of Achievement) 2019
  • Canadian Professional Sales Association – Professional Selling Certificate 2018
  • Developed a business plan for a craft brewery
  • Application review and recommendation for applicants to ACOA’s Innovation Fund

Small Scale Manufacturing Report

Small scale manufacturers are the backbone of most economies. For 2019 we are preparing a report of this sector in Atlantic Canada.

Cleantech Asset Map

With our partner the Haisley Millar Group, we created a cleantech asset map for the Province of New Brunswick.

Energy Export Market Analysis

Produced a global energy market analysis focusing primarily on the energy sectors of World Energy Cities Partnership (WECP) member countries.

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