May 27, 2022

Covid is still here but the summer is looking good for travel for Canadians. I am lucky to live in a beautiful province where I can drive to a beach within 45 minutes. This year, my friend bought a trailer in Hubbards Campground. She is adjusting to camping life just fine. Camping is a bonus for many people. With today’s real estate climate, the average Nova Scotian cannot afford to buy a cottage or property near or on the ocean. A campground provides a terrific alternative for those people who like the convenience and are sociable.

Beach fun in Nova Scotia

Last Sunday evening, her neighbour’s, after spending the day at the beach, hosted a crew on their deck. In the pouring rain, they were singing country tunes and having a great time. Other less wet evenings, a bonfire and fireside chat are on agenda. Everyone is respectful and noise concludes by 11 pm. (If you don’t like close quarters and you are hard to get along with, a secluded cottage may be more your style.)

The bonus on Nova Scotia’s south shore is the water temperature. For the first time since I was a kid, I went swimming in the ocean in June and I could walk in. Usually I slowly make my way in and as my body numbs, I go a little further. Last week the water temperature was 19 degrees Celsius. This is a great summer to hit the beaches of Nova Scotia’s and play local tourist. Get to know your province, its vast cultures and support one another financially. We government, business and people support their local economy. We all win….especially us in the professional services industry and we are local businesses too.

Hubbards Beach 2021