We Help Your Organization Succeed

Traditional planes, trains and automobiles trade missions are outdated, even with the Covid 19 pandemic. International travel is expensive and the time away from the office also impedes business activities.

Preliminary virtual meetings to make introductions and discover if your international (or national) lead is the right fit for your company can be conducted online.

Afterwards, developing the relationship and making a more solid pitch either to a buyer or strategic partner, can be followed up by an in-market meeting. We know person-to-person is the most effective, and if you are on a subsidized government sponsored mission, you can meet other companies from your country and develop relationships.

But sometimes the matches aren’t right, and you’ve just spent a considerable amount of money on travel.

Let us make the introduction before you leave. Our international representatives are experienced in multi-sector lead generation and trade mission coordination. We can book online virtual appointments for Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America, Western and Eastern Europe, the UK, South Korea and China.

The bonus to working with the Duggan International Group is that we just don’t set-up a time and virtually meeting coordinates. We will be part of the virtual meeting initially to be the conduit, set the tone for the meeting and make both parties feel at ease.

Contact us whether you are a government international trade and export department, trade association, chamber of commerce, EDO and of course, solo business.

Businesses do not have to be a part of government or trade association mission to use our Virtual Trade Mission.Online service.